The Rumgr team joins Close5

Hi Rummagers! We're excited to announce that Dylan, Alex, Charles & Keary have decided to join the team over at Close5!

We'd like to thank our loyal Rummagers, friends and those who have encouraged and supported us throughout these past three years. It has been an amazing journey that would not have been possible without all of you and it is our sincerest wish that you will continue showing us the love by joining us on Close5.

Much like Rumgr, Close5 is a mobile app centered around local buying and selling. We've brought our Rumgr experience to Close5 to help develop some features we believe our own Rummagers would really love: Cash transactions, anyone?

We're so excited for this journey that lay ahead and hope to have your feedback, encouragement and support once more.

A million thanks to you all!

-Dylan, Alex, Charles & Keary

Psst! Tweet @Rumgr or find us on Facebook to wish us luck!

What will happen to my Rumgr account?

Unfortunately, our team can no longer fully support Rumgr. Starting October 6th, Rumgr will no longer accept new listings. Rumgr will shut down November 1st, so please finalize any open sales and withdraw your funds as soon as possible. Then download the app and join us on Close5!

If you have funds in your Rumgr account, we'll be in touch soon, but please feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Rumgr's eventual shut down.

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