What is Rumgr?

Rumgr is an online garage sale that's good for your community, the environment & your wallet. Sell what you have piling up in your garage to others in your community.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment to buy and sell. We handle all the communication, transactions and payments that go through Rumgr to ensure everyone gets a good experience.

What do I need to know to get started?

Get started by making an account. Sign up and log in with Facebook for a quick experience and to connect with friends who are already on Rumgr. Alternatively, you can sign up with your email address.

Next, list your first item. Buyers are looking for household items, clothing & accessories, electronics, and more. See the next few questions for more information on how the selling process works.

While you're waiting for questions and offers, rummage around to find treasures around you. The Rummage feed will keep you up to date by displaying all the newest items in your immediate area. Check back often to make sure you don't miss anything!

What are the fees for selling on Rumgr?

Post as much as you want to your Rumgr garage — listing is free. When your item sells, we'll deduct 10% of the sale and you keep 90%. Cash out whenever you want 24 hours after the sale. We want to keep the experience simple — no Paypal fees, no listing fees, and no other nickle and diming.

What you get in return: Rumgr will handle all the credit card fees, remove the hassle of dealing with large and small amounts of cash and change in person, and provide customer service for both parties.

Say you sell a $50 kitchen table. When the item sells, $45 dollars is deposited to your account. You can cash out whenever you'd like after a holding period of 24 hours.

My item just sold on Rumgr, what do I do next?

Congratulations! Now that your item is sold, the you can talk about how you'd like the buyer to pick up the item in private chat. Once you've arranged your meeting, exchange the item and call it a day! The payment is already credited to your account. After a 24 hour waiting period, you can send the cash to your connected bank account.

After I've made a sale, how do I cash out what I've made?

After linking your bank account to your Rumgr account, you'll be able to see your redeemable balance. When you're ready, request your cashout. The money will arrive in your bank account in 2-5 business days.

Why should I pay and communicate only through Rumgr?

Buying and selling used items online has typically always been a bit shady. Anonymity to the extreme has actually hindered security since you have no idea who you’re dealing with. Additionally, cash transactions can be an opportunity for scammers and criminals. Here at Rumgr, we’ve created a new way of buying and selling centered around public profiles, integrated payments, in-app private messaging, and customer service.

In-app payments not only frees the Rumgr experience from trips to the ATM, breaking down large bills, and making exact change for a sale, but without the physical exchange of cash, it’s nearly impossible to fall victim to scams or theft. We also provide in-app private messaging so that your personal information stays private. What’s more, keeping your transactions and communication within Rumgr allows us to assist you in a dispute, since we’ll have access to your activity and quickly issue any refunds when necessary.

Please visit for a quick 4-step guide on the payment process.

By conducting all your transactions and communication through Rumgr, you can also expect direct and prompt customer service, which includes access to a Rumgr Representative to help you through the buying and selling process, offer suggestions on where to meet, and answer any questions you may have.

Rumgr has built these features to create a secure and convenient way to buy and sell with your friends and neighbors. However, we can not deliver on that promise when users pay and communicate outside the Rumgr system. If you suspect another user of abusing the system or a seller asks you to participate in a cash transaction outside the Rumgr system, please report them to

How can I trust buying on Rumgr?

We understand that safety and security is important to you. When you make an offer on Rumgr, your card is only charged when the seller accepts your offer. The payment is kept safe by Rumgr until the item is exchanged. Your payment is fully refundable up to this point.

What should I do if a Rumgr user asks me to call or text them off the system?

The Rumgr community is here to provide the safest experience of buying and selling to your neighbors and friends. Taking transactions offline prevents us from providing the best possible experience and is harmful to other community members. If someone requests you transact with them off Rumgr, please contact us right away at

Does Rumgr give out my exact location?

No, we don’t. To protect the privacy of our sellers we do not give the exact address for any sale. We randomize a spot within a quarter mile radius of your exact location. You can use that to help you decide where to meet and make the exchange.

How can I get a hold of the Rumgr team?

You can email us at We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What information about me on Rumgr is public?

The only information that others can see about you is what you provide as part of your user profile and your Garage. In most cases, that’s a username, profile picture, and any items you post for sale and those you’ve bought. Keep in mind that others can see the comments that you make, so when you ask smart, reasonable questions on items, it adds to your reputation within the community.

Note that your email address, password, or any Facebook information on your profile will never be public-facing to the community.